Stuxnet, Sophisticated Viruses with Full Weak

Stuxnet, Sophisticated Viruses with Full Weak

A British computer security experts have found that virus creators Stuxnet are two countries that collaborate to cripple Iran’s technology.

“A computer virus is the result of creation Stuxnet one generation company in Western countries in cooperation with Israeli state secret agencies,” said computer security researcher, Tom Parker.

According to Tom, malicious software, which was first detected in June last year, nearly certainly designed to make mischief, adjustments are secretly into centrifuges used in uranium enrichment by Iran, Natanz. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad really sure if the virus is targeting its nuclear project.

Separate investigations by the U.S. nuclear experts have found that Stuxnet works by increasing the speed of uranium centrifuges to its highest point in a small time. At the same time, Stuxnet can turn off security monitoring system that tacitly assume that all network operators are still in the normal state

Tom clarified, the virus is done in two different stages by two groups of experts with different levels of understanding. One group of experts and a group of amateurs.

The element that made the first group, which is activated after Stuxnet reach the target, known as the payload, is quite complicated, drawn with a perfect design and effective enough to ruin the target. Even from these findings as well, Parker was sure if the first group involves the western countries the ruling, including the UK. The reason, Parker continued, the country has a unique cyber expertise, and needed access to nuclear equipment with security tight enough for trying out the virus. Only the western countries who have such access.

In contrast, the way Stuxnet distribution and control features command, which allows Stuxnet controlled from a distance, has many errors and security systems are not too tight.

“They did not appear to seriously make a virus. Like spending billions of dollars to build a spacecraft that is controlled with a remote control toy for 10 dollars,” said Parker.

Stuxnet virus was found last June by a computer expert from Germany. The virus is known to be quite sophisticated and able to function as well as sabotage, espionage software remotely. The virus is believed to target the vital facilities in various countries, like India, Indonesia and Pakistan, particularly Iran’s nuclear facilities.


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