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Oakland Housing Authority Section 8

Oakland Housing Authority Section 8, In Oakland, as in many cities, more people in need to pay the cost of money are for everyone. The need has not diminished, which explains why the Oakland Housing Authority expects no less than 100,000 people to apply for Section 8 vouchers when the agency began taking applications later this month.

“We know that our families have been affected. We know there is a great need there, “Housing Authority Executive Director Eric Johnson said.

Ultimately, only a fraction – about 10,000 – will do so on the waiting list.

Over 11,000 families are currently receiving Oakland Section 8 subsidies, according to figures from the Housing Authority. A family of three, for example, whose annual income does not exceed 40,650 and may be eligible for federal program. The family would be responsible for paying 30 percent of their monthly income for rent and the right would do the rest.

This year, the agency is only accepting applications online at www.oakha.org beginning at 8 am Jan. 25.

Candidates may use any computer, including those available in branches of the Oakland Public Library-new computers and provide assistance during regular library. Help and computers will also be available 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the kiosks set up in the Oakland Housing Authority Western District Office, 935 Union St., in gardens and Lockwood 1327 65th Ave.

The deadline is 17 hours on 29 January.

The date or time of an application does not change the position of the person on the waiting list, “said Johnson.

Eligible applicants will be selected through a lottery system automated. Housing Authority staff will do the candidates income ‘is the maximum allowed for Section 8 housing, and then rank the candidates according to criteria and federal agencies, including the military, age, and whether the applicant is a resident Oakland disabled. The more the person meets criteria, the more he or she is classified.

The agency does not know how many good final will be available later in the process. First, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development decided to release a good number. Once the Oakland Housing Authority receives the documents, staff will check how many people on the waiting list still qualify. The whole process can take years, said Johnson.

The last time the agency has taken applications for Section 8 assistance was 2006, said Johnson. The last candidate to qualify is now reported.

“There are families still more than we have money to serve,” he said.


Jersey Shore Season 4: Confirmed! In Italy!

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore, Jersey Shore Season 4

jersey shore season 4
Jersey Shore Season 4: Confirmed! In Italy!

It's official. Jersey Shore is running it back for a fourth season and this time, the gang will take their act across the Atlantic to the motherland of Italy.

Well, it's the motherland for Vinny Guadagnino, the only authentic Italian in the bunch. The rest of the self-proclaimed guidos/ettes are kind of posers.

In any case, it's so on in Italy, where some of Vinny's relatives are even hosting the Jersey Shore crew for an authentic dinner, Guadagnino style.

Uncle Nino had better be there. Just saying.

MTV confirmed this report, and is already scouting locations in Italy, similar to the way they did it in Miami for Season 2, to find the right locales.

Two months ago, Shore executives began working on getting visas for the cast and crew. No word if Snooki's arrest record will prohibit her entry.

Of course, it's all contingent on whether the Italian government lets them in, which hopefully they will. They can also consider keeping them.

Just saying. It's a thought.


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