(PHOTOS) Kim Kardashian Silver Paint W Cover – Will She Regret This Too?

(PHOTOS) Kim Kardashian Silver Paint W Cover – Will She Regret This Too?

Late last year Kim Kardashian took her clothes off for W Magazine for their “Art Issue,” and the W shoot was featured on the new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.”

Kim Kardashian was seen with nothing but some text bars covering her “assets” on the cover but in the feature inside she was totally, except for one thing -silver paint.

This buxom Kardashian showed off her "things" in what was considered in a “art” context. It was the “Art Issue. ” But just before Kim Kardashian was upset that Playboy was going to release her photos from photo session she did with the men’s mag. So is she going to regret these photos too?

It’s been rumored that she apparently had regretted doing the Playboy shoot with speculation that she didn’t get enough for the photos, she was 15 pounds heavier in the pics and that she didn’t want to do them in the first place, it was all her mom’s doing. But what makes the “W” pics art vs. the Playboy pics. Couldn’t those be called “art” too? It’s it because one is for a men’s mag and one is for fashion?And she is pretty darn in W, when she has kids of her own will she tell them about her photo mag shoots. Will she be a prude or proud?


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