Dialogue with Obama On YouTube

Dialogue with Obama On YouTube

United States President Barack Obama is scheduled to return to dialogue with YouTube users on video-sharing sites such as next week. The White House said in a statement.

U.S. citizens, especially those who use YouTube, can dialogue directly with Obama on Thursday (27/01/2011). Precisely, two days after Obama’s speech held the annual State of the Union before the U.S. Congress.

Obama will hold a dialogue for 40 minutes with YouTube user-related speech. This initiative is one of the strongholds of the White House action to be more close to the public through the Internet. Last year, Obama is also doing the same thing, after delivering a speech to the U.S. Congress.

White House officials also will answer questions the public through their official website. In addition, the public are welcome to send questions via Twitter or Facebook, after Obama delivered a speech.

YouTube Party clarified, the public can watch Obama’s speech as well as the response from the Republican Party via live streaming, before submitting a video with questions to the president. YouTube suggests, the duration of the video questions no more than 20 seconds.

Nvidia Tegra 3 Ready to Roll

Nvidia Tegra 3 Ready to Roll

Nvidia is rumored will introduce Tegra processor chip 3 soon, which is promises much quicker than previous generations, Tegra 2.

Indeed, there has been no official confirmation from Nvidia about the launch of the Tegra 3. But, Nvidia pointed out that Tegra 3 will introduce on the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, 14 February.

General manager for Nvidia Tegra, Mike Rayfield, justify the newer chip launch plot. But, he refused to mention the date of its release.

“I reckon we will be launching new products every year. (Tegra 3) will enter the production phase at the same time with the production of dual-core chip of our competitors,” said Rayfield.

Tegra 3 is expected to further improve the performance of tablet computing devices and smart phones, as did Tegra 2 on Motorola’s tablet, Xoom, and super phones LG, Optimus 2x. Allegedly, Tegra chip 3 will have a four-core SoC, so that it can increase the speed of browsing and gaming.

The World’s IP Address Quota Exhausted

The World’s IP Address Quota Exhausted

Vint Cerf, one of the first to make the internet by connecting a computer to use your Internet Protocol (IP), felt guilty about 4.3 billion IP addresses that he has made is now nearly gone.

Vint Cerf, says if all it is his fault that he made in 1977. The reason, he reasoned, when he found his first web-only trial and error.

“At first it was an experiment. And I reckon if the amount of 4.3 billion IP addresses that will be enough for an experiment,” said Cerf, who now serves as vice-president at Google.

“Who knows how many IP addresses needed by the world?” Cerf added.

In 1977, Vincent Cerf make web IPv4 protocol, which connects the global computer as an experiment when he worked at the U.S. Defense Department.

Cerf said that he would never have guessed before that his experiment was not going to stop. Cerf also said that if the IP address of the world’s quota will be exhausted within the next few weeks.

Your IP address is a unique number that is on every computer and other devices that connect to the Internet. Massive amount of devices connected to the internet today, making the IP address dwindling rations.

To solve this problem, an internet protocol that has been updated, IPv6, is being plotted by the industry, which will make trillions of new IP addresses.

Kidney Cancer Linked to Mutated Gene

Kidney cancer linked to mutated gene

A mutated gene has been found in a third of patients with the most common form of kidney cancer.
The researchers said the discovery of a second major gene linked to renal cancer was a major advance.
The study, published in the journal Nature, shows the gene is involved in packaging DNA in the body’s cells.
The Institute of Cancer Research said the study provided a better picture of how the cancer formed and paved the way for future therapies.
Kidney cancer is incredibly excellent at evading detection; in around half of cases the sufferer has no symptoms.
In 2008, nearly 4,000 people in the UK died from the illness.
Completing the picture
Scientists have been gradually unravelling the genetic nature of kidney cancer for years.
The main gene involved, the tumour suppressor VHL, is mutated in eight out of 10 patients, but is not the whole picture.
Researchers at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have learned several other genes which play a part, but have now learned a gene, PBRM1, which is mutated in around a third of cases.
Professor Mike Stratton, director of the Sanger Institute, said: “Our discovery is a major advance.
“We reckon we may have an nearly complete understanding of the set of abnormal genes which drive this cancer.
“This insight will provide us with many new therapeutic directions.”
Kidney cancer is the seventh most common cancer in men and the ninth in women.
Dr Elizabeth Rapley, Institute of Cancer Research, said: “This cancer has a poor prognosis with fewer than 50% of patients surviving their disease for more than five years.
“The research provides a better and more complete picture of the genetic changes needed for renal cancer to develop.
“It highlights the importance of genes that wind and unwind DNA in renal cancer and paves the way for the development of personalised cancer therapies that exploit these mutations.”


Wolverhampton 0 - 3 Liverpool

Kenny Dalglish earned his first victory since returning to the managerial helm at Liverpool as his side beat Wolves in a hard-fought game at Molineux.

Fernando Torres tapped in from a pass by the impressive Raul Meireles to put the Reds in front after 36 minutes.
Nenad Milijas had a promising effort saved for Wolves before Meireles struck a dipping 25-yard volley into the top corner of the net in the 50th minute.
Torres completed the win in the last minute with another simple finish.
Victory came in Dalglish's fourth game back in charge and will increase the feel good factor he has engendered as he tries to rescue his team's season.
The manner and style of the win will also help raise Liverpool spirits as the energy and industry of Portuguese midfielder Meireles, which was so key to the win, was matched by the rest of the side.
It earned revenge over Wolves, who had beaten a tame Liverpool 1-0 at Anfield in December by pressing their opponents and depriving them of any space or time on the ball.
The home side employed the same tenacious tactics again as they tried to stay stay shirt-tight to their visitors but, this time around, the Reds were a different proposition as they showed a greater fighting spirit combined with a more accomplished passing game.
Wolves' focus on stifling their opponents came at the cost of their own attacking play as they rarely threatened at 0-0, while the chances that did come along as the two sides wrestled for supremacy were engineered by Liverpool.
Christian Poulsen gave Wolves their first scare when, from a pull-back by fellow midfielder Lucas Leiva, he had a side-footed effort blocked by centre-back Christophe Berra, who had just come back on after having a couple of stitches put into a head wound.
The forward runs of Lucas and, in particular, Meireles from midfield were a feature of the Reds play and the latter also supplied a delightful angled pass over the top of the Wolves defence to release Torres.
The Spaniard took the ball with his first touch, cut inside defender Richard Stearman and struck an early left-footed shot, which keeper Wayne Hennessey parried away.
Torres and Stearman were involved in a running battle as a feisty affair sometimes showed signs of boiling over, while Meireles sent a 20-yard strike wide and a turn-and-shot from Maxi Rodriguez again forced Hennessey into making a save before Liverpool took the lead.
Poulsen slid a pass into the clever run of Meireles, who beat the offside trap and unselfishly slid a ball across goal for Torres to tap in. The striker picked the ball out of the net and dropped it at the feet of Stearman as he celebrated.
Wolves had to be more adventurous and, after striker Steve Fletcher had a shot comfortably saved, team-mate Milijas had an effort blocked at the far post by Pepe Reina.
Liverpool had seen leads overturned in their previous two league games but a similar occurrence seemed unlikely because, after Dirk Kuyt failed in poking the ball through Hennessey leg's when through on goal, Meireles added to his side's lead in spectacular style.
When Berra headed Daniel Agger's long free-kick out of the Wolves defence the ball fell to Meireles and he fired home with unerring precision.
Liverpool started to play on the counter attack as they edgily held on to their advantage and Jonjo Shelvey missed the chance to calm their nerves when he blazed over with just Hennessey to beat.
But, even though the Reds had not kept a clean sheet in their six previous Premier League games, they repelled their rivals and sealed the points when Torres fired into the roof of the net from close range.


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