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Google Did Not Have Any Plan For Tablet Chrome OS

Tablet Chrome OS | Google Chrome OS Tablet | Google Tablet - Google says that they are still going to focus on Chrome OS for notebooks, no plans to get this Chrome OS into tablets.

Google is currently working hard to compete in the world of PC operating systems, because as we know the sales market was dominated by Microsoft Corp., which until now Windows used by 90 percent of PC around the world.

What is Google Chrome OS

"The number of users of Chrome OS has doubled from last year to approximately 160 million," said Sundar Pichai, Google's senior vice president for Chrome, the PC at the Computex Show in Taipei, Taiwan.

"ChromeOS is designed from a variety of factors, but we are now fully focused only do it for notebooks. We do not have other plans (about Google Chrome OS)," Pichai said.

Google Chrome OS support

Notebook that will be wearing the Chrome OS will be sold starting in June, and made ??by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Acer Inc.. This Chrome OS as the new Goolgle products are said to be a challenger for Microsoft and Apple Inc.

However, later the number of notebook devices that use the Chrome OS is still very small on their production.

"Google has made Chrome OS center in Taiwan. In the future we hope to reach more co-distributors for other regions,"said Pichai. By this we can make any speculation that Google Chrome OS as another big job for Google on challenge Microsoft and Apple.

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