Kim Kardashian and Kim Humphries | Kim and Kris Wedding

5 Facts About Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Wedding

Kim Kardashian and Kim Humphries | Kim and Kris Wedding - Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding has been pegged the “Wedding of the Century” by the media and fans alike. The 30-year-old socialite and 26-year-old NBA free agent got engaged in May. Kris proposed to Kim with a $2,000,000 (20) carat engagement ring after spelling out “Will You Marry Me” in rose petals on her bedroom floor. All romance aside, Kim K. and Kris Humphries’ wedding has seem to have gone from simply over-the-top to just gaudy and ridiculous. From Baccarat Cosmo vases to a 10 tier wedding cake, here are five facts about the “royalish” wedding you may have not known.

5. 500 Guests have been invited to the wedding ceremony including: Justin Bieber, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez and more. 50 people had to be cut from the invitation list due to fire code regulations! will be 720 Bottles of Chardonnay, Rose`, Merlot and Cabernet on deck!

3.Kim Kardashian had four Louboutin’s custom-made for her choosing.

2.Guests are only allowed to wear black or white!

1.Kim K. and Kris Humpries have a bridal registry at Gearys of Beverly Hills totaling over $170,000 including a Baccarat Cosmos Extra Large Vase worth $7,850!

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