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The medication that is  ‘best for treating bipolar disorder’

By Liz Lockhart

Bipolar Disorder | Bipolar Disorder Medication | Best Medication Bipolar Disorder - When people with bipolar disorder have episodes of mania, not all mood stabilising drugs are effective according to a new analysis.

An article published in the Pulse says that NICE guidelines currently do not recommend using any particular drug for acute mania.  But in data the researchers say may change clinical guidelines, they found antipsychotics such as risperidone, haloperidol and planzapine were the most effective at treating acute mania, compared with placebo.

Published in The Lancet the systematic review looked at 68 randomised controlled trials of thirteen anti-mania drugs and compared their efficacy with placebo.  The trials took place over a 20 year period and ended in 2010.  It included male and female patients who were over the age of 18 and who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder according to the standard diagnostic criteria.

The researched measured the mean change in scores on the Young Mania Rating Scale  to gauge the efficiency of the different drugs.  They also calculated the patient tolerability to the drugs by recording the number of patients who dropped out of the allocated treatment within the first three weeks.  For each of these criteria the drugs were allotted a comparative score out of 50.

Antipsychotic drugs averaged a combined score of 84 whilst other mood stabilisers averaged 31.  This indicated that antipsychotic drugs are significantly more effective in the treatment of acute mania.  The drugs risperidone, haloperidol and planzapine proved to be the most effective.  These drugs were the top scoring with a score of 87, 79 and 75 respectively.

BestBuy | iPhone 3GS Free | BestBuy to sell iPhone 3GS for free

BestBuy to sell iPhone 3GS for free

BestBuy | iPhone 3GS Free | BestBuy to sell iPhone 3GS for free - Even as the entire world waits on Apple to finally release the long delayed iPhone 5, the 2009 version of Apple's smartphone is still being sold over at AT&T. The iPhone 3GS has been priced at $49 with a new two year contract for a while now but starting today that changes, at least for one retailer. reports that Best Buy will being selling the iPhone 3GS with 8 GB of hard drive space for the price of ... nothing. Not a single cent.

Of course, there are a couple of catches to this deal. One of them is that the customer must sign on or upgrade to a new two year contract for AT&T in order to get the iPhone 3GS for free. The other catch is that there are no online sales for this deal. You have to go to one of Best Buy's stores in order to secure your free iPhone.

Many people, we suspect, might be happy with the iPhone 3GS even as Apple gets closer to the launch of the iPhone 5. As a result some retailers have cut the price of both the iPhone 3GS and current version, the iPhone 4. Last July we reported that Radio Shack and Target had cut the price of getting an iPhone 3GS down to just $19.99 and the price of the iPhone 4 by $30 to $50, depending on which one you visited. We will likely see even more retailers taking discounts on older iPhones before the iPhone 5's launch which is now expected to be announced in September and released in early October.

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HP TouchPad Tablet | TouchPad | HP TouchPad tablet for $101.95

HP TouchPad tablet for $101.95 at Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is selling the HP TouchPad 16GB with Wi-Fi for $101.95.

HP TouchPad Tablet | TouchPad | HP TouchPad tablet for $101.95 - Most everyone is having a fire sale on these since HP announced Thursday it was no longer going to manufacture tablets and smartphones.

Meanwhile, it's rumored that Best Buy will be selling 16GB HP TouchPads for $99 in stores beginning Monday (it's sold out online). No confirmation on that yet, but since Best Buy has posted an updated return policy on its web site, that seems to be an indication it's coming.

Best Buy says it will not accept returns or exchanges on clearance TouchPads and it will offer either a refund or refund of the difference between the price they paid and the clearance price.

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Kim Kardashian and Kim Humphries | Kim and Kris Wedding

5 Facts About Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Wedding

Kim Kardashian and Kim Humphries | Kim and Kris Wedding - Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding has been pegged the “Wedding of the Century” by the media and fans alike. The 30-year-old socialite and 26-year-old NBA free agent got engaged in May. Kris proposed to Kim with a $2,000,000 (20) carat engagement ring after spelling out “Will You Marry Me” in rose petals on her bedroom floor. All romance aside, Kim K. and Kris Humphries’ wedding has seem to have gone from simply over-the-top to just gaudy and ridiculous. From Baccarat Cosmo vases to a 10 tier wedding cake, here are five facts about the “royalish” wedding you may have not known.

5. 500 Guests have been invited to the wedding ceremony including: Justin Bieber, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez and more. 50 people had to be cut from the invitation list due to fire code regulations! will be 720 Bottles of Chardonnay, Rose`, Merlot and Cabernet on deck!

3.Kim Kardashian had four Louboutin’s custom-made for her choosing.

2.Guests are only allowed to wear black or white!

1.Kim K. and Kris Humpries have a bridal registry at Gearys of Beverly Hills totaling over $170,000 including a Baccarat Cosmos Extra Large Vase worth $7,850!

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Used Car Prices Finally Fall | Used Car Info

Soaring used-car prices finally start fall

After a big rise, wholesale prices of used cars are finally starting to fall a little. It should moderate, or at least slow, rocketing retail used-car prices -- what you'll pay -- that are up more than 30% this year.

At the wholesale level, used car prices fell another $300 in June and are now more than $600 below their April peak for the year so far, says Tom Kontos of Adesa's consulting arm. Adesa itself is one of the nation's largest wholesale sellers of used cars.

Even though wholesale used-car prices have tapered off, don't expect the party to last. "Tight used vehicle supplies plus strong retail demand should keep used vehicle prices from dropping dramatically," Kontos writes in a note to the industry.

And while used-car prices are starting to slack off, retail used vehicle sales in July still were higher, up 17.8% year-over-year at new-car dealers' used-car lots and up 10.7% for independent dealers.

On a month-over-month basis, used vehicle sales were up for both groups as well. "Certified" used vehicle sales in July were up 1.4% versus June, registering their strongest showing of the year for these automaker-sponsored programs, according to Autodata.

Sounds like the "mild recovery" that economists keep saying is happening is at least still taking place for the auto industry

CSCO | Cisco Systems Fiscal Q4 | CISCO Company

Cisco Systems (CSCO) Fiscal Q4 Tops Estimates Excluding Charges

Cisco Systems (CSCO) announced Wednesday fiscal fourth quarter earnings that were down from a year ago, but topped estimates.

For the fourth quarter the networking equipment company said earnings were $1.2 billion or 22 cents a share, down from $1.9 billion or 33 cents a share a year ago.  The latest quarter’s results included a $772 million charge before taxes for one-time cost related to the 6,500 jobs eliminated during the period.  Excluding that charge, Cisco earned 40 cents a share, topping analyst estimates for 38 cents a share.  Estimates generally exclude one-time costs.

Revenue rose 3.3 percent in the period to $11.2 billion, which also exceeded analyst estimates for $11 billion.  However, sales of switches fell 4 percent to $3.44 billion.

Many of Cisco’s competitors in the networking space have posted sagging revenue and soft outlooks. Cisco has worked to reduce expenses in the past quarter, including the large layoff last month to become leaner as the economy has fluttered.

“As we start our next fiscal year, you will see a very focused, agile, lean and aggressive company,” said Cisco CEO John Chambers statement.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt | Client List TV Series | Jennifer Love Hewitt 'Client List'

Jennifer Love Hewitt 'Client List' Picked Up as New TV Series

Jennifer Love Hewitt 'Client List' - Jennifer Love Hewitt has officially found a new starring vehicle for her next major TV gig after "Ghost Whisperer" was canceled last year. Lifetime picks up "The Client List", a new hourlong series starring and executive produced by the 32-year-old beauty.

The show is based on the network's 2010 original movie of the same title which also has Hewitt as lead star and executive producer. It features the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" actress as a financially-strapped Texas housewife who runs a lively day spa after she is abandoned by her husband.

The series will follow her as she balances two different lives: one as a single mom in a conservative town struggling to provide for her family, and the other as an ambitious businesswoman working with a rowdy, sexy and unpredictable group of women.

Lifetime has ordered ten episodes for the series which will debut sometime in 2012. The network also has a deal with Jennifer Love Hewitt production company Fedora Films which includes a directing gig for Hewitt on a future Lifetime movie.

Following the end of "Ghost Whisperer", Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on "Love Bites" and "Hot in Cleveland" for an episode each. She recently produced and starred in CBS' TV movie "The Lost Valentine" which also features Betty White.

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Rebecca Black Bullies | Rebecca Black Friday | School Bullies

Rebecca Black Leaves School For Being Bullied

Rebecca Black Friday - Teen music artist Rebecca Black has been forced to leave her high school in Anaheim, Calif. after being bullied relentlessly for her hit single "Friday," ABC News reports.

Black's mother, a teacher, pulled her daughter from school and is now homeschooling her to avoid bullies and focus on her career, she told Nightline.

Black's "Friday" music video went viral in March, and since then, the artist says she's been the target of school bullies who would tease her about the single.

"When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice," she told Nightline. "Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Rebecca Black also received death threats in April, which elicited local police investigations.

"It really sucks being bullied," Black says in a behind-the-scenes look of her new music video, "This is My Moment," last month. "But one thing that you can't do is let them stop you from doing what you want to do."

"Primetime Nightline: Celebrity Secrets" airs the full interview with Black tonight on its special, "Underage and Famous."

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Wisconsin Recall | wisconsin | Milwaukee Journal | Wisconsin Recall Polls | Wisconsin Elections

Control of Wisconsin Senate Up in the Air

Control of the Wisconsin state Senate rests with one Milwaukee-area race that is too close to call. Republicans on Tuesday successfully defended three seats in recall elections. Democrats picked up two. Two Democrats,  Jennifer Shilling and Jessica King defeated Republican incumbents. 

Shilling defeated Sen. Dan Kapanke. Unofficial results show Shilling captured 55 percent of the vote compared with 45 percent for Kapanke

King defeated incumbent Sen. Randy Hopper. Unofficial results show King with 51 percent of the vote compared with 49 percent for Hopper. 

Incumbent Republican Sen. Luther Olsen has overcome a challenge from Democrat Fred Clark to prevail in a recall election.

Unofficial results from Tuesday's election show Olsen with 54 percent of the vote and Clark with 46 percent.

Sen. Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls defeated her Democratic challenger in one of six recall elections targeting Republican incumbents in the Wisconsin Senate.

Unofficial results in Tuesday's election show Harsdorf got 58 percent of the vote compared with 42 percent for Democrat Shelly Moore, an Ellsworth public school teacher.

Sen. Rob Cowles of Allouez defeated his Democratic challenger in one of six recall elections targeting Republican incumbents in the Wisconsin Senate.

Unofficial results in Tuesday's election show Cowles captured 58 percent of the vote compared with 42 percent for Democrat Nancy Nusbaum with 81 percent of precincts reporting.

Republican incumbents are trying to beat back Democratic challengers who stoked a backlash against the GOP and Gov. Scott Walker for their efforts to strip public employees of most union rights.

Democrats need to win the final race, as well as two next week targeting their own incumbents, in order to wrest control away from Republicans. One Democratic incumbent won his recall election last month.

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