Christmas Tree Tax Nixed

Christmas Tree Tax Nixed, Obama Administration Get Criticism

World Trending | Christmas Tree Tax Nixed - Obama administration got some criticism on taxing Christmas trees, unfortunatelly the White House made statement it was reversing its decision to approve an industry-sponsored Christmas tree promotion program. This decisions has made after conservatives accused the Agriculture Department of spoiling Christmas with a new tree tax.
Christmas Tree Tax Nixed

Actually the program it self would have been fully funded by fees on the industry at 15 cents per Christmas tree sold. And they look for the USDA for this program. In the way  Matt Lehrich the White House spokesman said the USDA would delay the program, but defended it, saying it was not a tax. "I can tell you unequivocally that the Obama administration is not taxing Christmas trees," as he said.

At least Christmas Tree Tax is a kind of a new wave for every American who celebrates Christmas.


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